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Xiamen Starmem Scitechnology Co.,Ltd.

Established in 2006, Xiamen Starmem Scitechnology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise committing to the promotion and development of membrane separation and continuous ion exchange/chromatographic separation technology .Its products service environmental engineering, treatment of metallurgical wastewater, bio-pharmaceuticals, fermentation, food and beverage, deep processing of agricultural products, plant extracts, chemical engineering and other fields.

The company is equipped with good software and hardware facilities. It integrates and innovates industrial membrane separation, wastewater discharge engineering, continuous ion exchange/ chromatographic separation technology and system process, thus being able to provide customers with technology consulting and process design of small-scale...

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Obtained the certificate of the two-integrated management system


Obtained the intellectual property management system certification


Constructed the Starmem Scitechnology Science and Technology Industrial Park


Named as "Growth micro, small and medium enterprise in Xiamen”

The "Lead-zinc smelting wastewater zero discharge method" that was independently researched and developed won the third patent prize of Xiamen 


Identified as "Xiamen intellectual property pilot enterprise"


Built a strategic partnership with Xiamen Wuhua Group

Obtained the title of Xiamen sample enterprise operational monitoring in national SMEs production and operation


Passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification

The independently researched and developed "new continuous fluid separation system" was successfully used in the world's largest VC manufacturer

Awarded as Xiamen’s Innovation Seed Enterprise

Reverse osmosis water processor passed the permission of sanity and safety of drinking water-related products by the Ministry of Health.


"Starmem" officially registered as a national trademark

The company was relocated to Yongsan Industrial Zone and obtained the national innovation fund project over the same period 

Named as the most innovative growth company in Xiamen


Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

Built China's first zero discharge membrane method system in the lead and zinc industry


Founded and entered Xiamen Returned Overseas Students Pioneer Park, a national high-tech park, in the same year 

Obtained Xiamen City Technical Trade Qualification Certificate








Deepen cooperation and exchanges, open a bright future - Shida Membrane successfully held 2019 biochemical industry cleaner production seminar




Shida Film held a seminar on resin separation process in the pharmaceutical industry

On March 31, the “Resin Separation Technology Seminar in the Pharmaceutical Industry” was held in Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel. The conference was led by experts from Xiamen Shida Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai East China University of Science and Technology, and Rohm and Haas Resins in the field of resin research for decades.